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About Me

How it All Started

As far back as I can remember, I always enjoyed performing for my parents and their friends at family dinner parties.  It thrilled me so much to please them.  I guess that is how it all started.

Dotman Today

The journey was not easy: the road to success was a long, and rocky one.  I am in a very happy place now because I believed in my talent and I never gave up on my dreams.  

Creating and performing music is what I live for: I have finally become me.

Journey With Me

Stay with me on my journey and you will enjoy great music.  I do not limit my creative impulses: if the music takes me there I will bring you with me. 

My fans are great - loyal and supportive always so I give them the pleasure and quality they deserve with every song I create and perform.  I guess I am motivated by their love and the belief that they will be with me until the end.

Dotman and the Kinetics Band

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